Maxi Surprise Pack


Maxi Surprise Pack is a predefined GiftBox pack consisting of:

  • 1 handmade wooden gift box – Recipient name and birthdate burnt on box. The gift box contains surprise little gifts, consumable and surprise goodies + a surprise message bottle to be explored.
  • 1 hand drawn crayon portrait of the birthday person in wooden hand-made frame
  • 1 standard birthday cake
  • 1 birthday card
  • 1 bottle of champagne
  • 1 bouquet of 12 fresh Roses from the morning pick

We do free delivery to the following regions: Ebene, Trianon, Vacoas, Phoenix, Bagatelle, Helvetia, St Pierre, Belle Rose, Rose Hill, Palma and Quatre Bornes. For other places in Mauritius delivery fee is Rs 300 additional.

  • Customise Your Order

    Please note that the portrait is for drawing 1 face. If you wish to draw a couple portrait or more than 1 face in the picture, you can still upload the photo. We will revert back to you to cater for the additional charge. Each additional face drawn is Rs 600 as add-on.

    • (max file size 100 MB)

    Add More Gifts? (Or just skip and click Add To Cart)

    The big surprise pack already comes with a 3 Roses bouquet. You can however upgrade it to a bigger and more exciting bouquet. Please choose between the following bouquets:

    • 1200 ₨
    • 1500 ₨

    The birthday person is already being pampered with this pack. But what if you want to add some more love to the pack? You can select this option to add a bonus decorative paper based box filled with delicious chocolates and yes, these are more than what a person can eat in a day. Who does not love Ferrero Rochers (+ other chocolates)?

    • 750 ₨



Surprise Wooden Giftbox

The surprise wooden Gift-box is our specialty. A souvenir gift, hand-made with premium wood and customized using Pyrographic woodburning tools with the recipient name and birthdate. The surprise box contains a surprise message bottle to be explored (a bonus surprise is hidden among the messages in the bottle!) and several surprise goodies and little handcrafted gifts.


Hand Drawn Crayon Portrait

A gift of a lifetime but yet, a moment captured. Our hand drawn portrait is done by our professional portrait artist using light crayon and the drawing is based on a photo of your choice for the recipient. Portrait comes with hand made wooden frame.


Standard Birthday Cake

Standard birthday cake is for approximately 15 pax. Everyday, we bake a cake of the day. The cake delivered will be based on the cake we are baking on the specific day of delivery. Cake usually range from Black Forest, Ganache, Cafe Genoise, Delicious Snow and Chocolate Cake.


Birthday Card

It’s not just a birthday card. We customize the birthday card with handwritten quotes and a message of your choice using special gel and decorative pens prior to delivering. Everyone can buy a card… but a customized one is special indeed.


12 Roses Bouquet

Red Roses can also be used to convey respect, admiration or devotion. The number of red roses has special romantic meanings associated with them. 12 red roses is the most popular of all which conveys “Be mine” and “I love you”. The 12 Roses bouquet consists of 12 roses from the morning pick accompanied with a touch of Gypsophila.



A birthday is not complete without the traditional and famous champagne. We deliver only non-alcoholic champagne since most of our deliveries are during office hours.


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